Brushing your cat removes dirt, grease and dead hair from their coat. It helps to remove skin flakes and stimulates blood circulation, improving the overall condition of your cat’s skin.

It is recommended that you brush your cat one to two times per week. Regular brushing is especially beneficial as your cat ages and is no longer able to groom themselves.

The consistency of your cat’s coat will determine the amount of additional grooming required. Long thin coats tend to mat very easily and benefit from regular grooming.

When a cat’s hair becomes tangled, it will start to form into a mat. When a mat is not addressed, it can begin to grow into one big mat called pelting. It can become uncomfortable for your cat to have large mats as they constantly pull at the hair and skin. They can be both painful and dangerous as clipper cuts may occur when removing them.


A cat can enjoy bath-time if bathing is begun at the right age. Cats with excessively oily coats, skin conditions, with dirt or debris, cats who mat easily, and cats who are shown – can all benefit from regular bathing.

The bathing schedule will vary depending on the reason for the bath. For mat prevention, it is reccomended that your cat be bathed every 6-10 weeks.


For cats who are badly matted and to help reduce shedding around the house, Amore Mobile Pet Salon offers customized styles for problem areas and visual appeal. We offer the traditional Lion cut along with many variations. Please see the video below for information.

Nail Trims

It is recommended that nails be trimmed monthly. This depends on the cat’s nail growth rate. Please ask about setting a schedule for regular nail trimming.

Bath-less Shampoo

Does your cat hate water but desperately need a bath? The bath-less shampoo treatment may be the solution. This service is ideal for oily cats, and for cats who have debris or a substance (perhaps something sticky) on them. This is an alternative to a bath, but does not offer as deep a clean.

Sanitary Trim

A sanitary trim is trimming between the toes, and around the genital and bum area. This ensures that these areas remain clean and less likely to collect debris.

Ear Cleaning

During the groom process, the ear canal can become moist. We include ear cleaning with every groom package to remove this moisture and any debris (such as ear wax).

Some cats may get chronic ear infections because of an underlying issue. If you cat presents with recurring ear infections, please see your vet.


When cat hair becomes tangled, it will start to form into a mat. When a mat is not addressed, it can begin to grow into one big mat called pelting.

Large mats can be uncomfortable for your cat as there is a constant pulling at the hair and skin. It can also become painful and dangerous when removing them as there is the possibility of clipper cuts.

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