Bath and Brush

Is your dog smelly or dirty? There is no specific time-frame for when dogs need a bath. Similar to people, some dogs get stinky faster than others. Generally, most dogs need to be bathed monthly.

At no additional charge, Amore Mobile Pet Salon offers hypo-allergenic and some medicated shampoos for dogs with skin conditions. 

A bathing schedule and requirements can be discussed with our dog groomer, and your vet. Please contact us so that we can tailor a bath and brush package that best suits your dog’s needs.

Full Grooms

Most experts do not recommend shaving your double-coated dogs (such as a Husky or a Collie). However, there can be circumstances that dictate otherwise. For double-coated dogs, we recommend the Shed-less Treatment. Please see the Shed-less Treatments section below for more information.

Grooming your non-shedding dog is essential as their hair will continue to grow like humans. Depending on how fast your pet’s hair is growing, it is usually recommended to have them fully groomed every 5-8 weeks. It is important, in between grooms, to brush your pet regularly so that mats do not form. Mats can be a painful issue for pets as the bigger the mat, the more it pulls on the hair and skin. This constant pinching can make your dog uncomfortable. Regular grooming and brushing in between appointments will also ensure that your dog has a much more comfortable experience every day as well as during his groom.

Nail Trims

Monthly nail trimming is recommended. This will depend on the rate your dog’s nails grow. Please ask about setting a schedule for regular nail trimming.

Nail Grinding

Nail grinding has become popular alternative to nail trimming. It reduces the likelihood of catching a quick, gives a softer edge to the nail, and results in a shorter nail trim.

Grinding of the nails encourages the quick (the blood vessel in the nail) to be pushed back up the nail. Nail grinding also offers a rounded edge which helps to reduce the sharpness of freshly-cut nails, reducing scratching. This softer edge is great for hardwood floors and ideal for dogs who like to jump up.

The anxiety of a nail trim is also reduced with grinding as there is no pinching sensation during nail reduction; and the grinder creates a constant humming noise rather than the clicking sound of clippers.

Shed-less Treatments

Love your pet but hate the shedding? Do we have a solution for you.

The process starts with a bath with a shampoo and conditioner specially-formulated to loosen the undercoat. We push and scrub the shampoo and condition to the base of the coat, removing grease, dead skin and loose coat. We then thoroughly dry your dog to remove any additional loose coat. Finally, we brush your dog to remove the loose hairs and encourage the more stubborn hairs to come out. Your dogs coat will be shiny and smell great.

The Shed-less Treatment is a great alternative to shaving double-coated dogs and works well on the short-haired breeds too.


Skunks are everywhere and the smell is quite unbearable. When you pet gets sprayed with a skunk the last thing you want to do is put them in your car to drive them to the groomers. We are here for you and can come out and de-skunk your pet.

We use shampoos formulated to neutralize skunk odour safely and effectively, without causing skin irritation or drying out your dog’s coat.

We also sell bottles of the de-skunking shampoo to eliminate skunk odour from your furniture and clothing.

Ear Cleaning

During the groom process the ear canal can become moist. With every groom package, we include ear cleaning to remove debris, such as ear wax, and to remove the moisture in the ear to prevent infection.

Some dogs may get chronic ear infections because of an underlying issue. If your dog presents with recurring ear infections, please see your vet.

Anal Gland Expression

Anal glands are small sacks that are generally expressed when your pet has a bowel movement. Sometimes due to placement, training or disease – anal glands can have a difficult time expressing on their own.

We encourage owners to not have pet’s glands released if there is no issue, due to the fact that the dog may become dependent on the expression and unable to express their glands naturally, causing unnecessary expense.

We recommended you seek the experience and advice of your local veterinarian for anal gland expressions.

Sanitary Trim

Sanitary trim is trimming around the nose and eyes, in between toes, and around the genital and bum area. This ensures the areas remain clean and less likely to collect debris.


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